We provide premises upkeep and management services to a broad range of clients that include MNC's, educational institutions, hospitals, factories, residential associations and the list continues.

  • Housekeeping / Cleaning

    Housekeeping / Cleaning

    We identified several essential services of cleaning solutions that you value the most.

  • Security


    Our security staff are appointed with meticulous verification process and are inducted into the job through a stringent orientation and adaptation process.

  • Engineering


    Our services are based on extensive experience and thorough knowledge of various industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

  • Landscaping


    We have smart architects who have the ability to charge up any space, irrespective of the size, with their visualization abilities and aesthetic sense.

  • HomeCare


    We know that time has become the most precious things in your life.

  • PowerClean


    Powerclean brings about a transformation in living and working spaces. It rejuvenates the overall environment of the space.